Courses and Training in Makeup Artistry

With a good makeup brush every women can be an artist

Services include:

  • Seminars
  • workshops
  • short courses

 The makeup seminar

A fun and informal  but perfect opportunity to pick up all the tricks of the trade!

This seminar is perfect for complete beginners as well as for those who want to gain more knowledge about how to apply their own makeup.

During the seminar you will be shown;

  • Skin prep for makeup application, skin types will be discussed.
  • Foundation and concealer- choosing the correct type and shade, colour correction and application techniques.
  • Contouring/highlighting & Blush, applications, face shapes and products.
  • Eyeshadow/ Eyeliner application techniques, eye shapes, natural day and evening eye looks and colour theory.
  • Brow shaping and defining, application and products.
  • Lipstick application techniques, products and lip shapes.

You will be shown how to use makeup brushes and tools effectively and will be recommend products and alternative techniques throughout so bring a note book and a pen.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the seminar  and there will be dedicated time at the end to ask any further questions.

To be hosted at HBB Hair salon in Bristol Broadmead opposite Debenhems

4th March 6-9pm

£50. Tickets available at salon.

Ever wanted to learn how to create the Smokey eye look, what colours go?

Then look no further this workshop  will teach you how to create different smokey eye makeup effects, whilst working with colour theory and you will learn how to work with balance when designing and creating makeup's for different occasions.

Contour Like a pro

In this workshop you will learn how to professionally choose and apply foundation to suit the skin tone. Contour and highlight using a variety of different products ,whilst adapting to suit multiple face shapes one not to be missed.

Neutral/Natural Makeup

A bit of of an all rounder workshop you will be working on perfecting the skin, defining the eye, contouring and highlighting naturally, faking freckles and creating the no makeup, makeup look.

Could be suitable for DIY Brides.

The Perfect Lip

A workshop focused on producing beautiful lips for any occasion.

Lip shapes, period lip shapes, lip liners and vamp lip.

  • Hollywood Red lip
  • 20's lip
  • dark lip
  • nude lip
  • ombre lip
  • glitter lip.
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